borough market before christmas

I’ve only just got round to sorting my Christmas pictures and these are some pictures I took just before Christmas at Borough Market which is this big market in London with people selling food like cheese and bread and ostrich burgers and overpriced lemonade. Also as a special Christmas treat they were selling mulled wine which smells all Christmas-y, but it tastes disgusting.

So in a way they’re almost a bit dated because Christmas is only once a year and that’s how it should be. The other day I heard a Christmas song I’d forgotten to take off my iPod and it felt really weird to listen to it, like when you meet up with someone you haven\t seen in years and realise you haven’t got anything in common. Actually it’s nothing like that. But it did feel weird.

I was stood outside the cheese shop for ages because my dad and my grandparents wanted to buy cheese and I was in there for a few minutes but it smelt really rotten in there like bin juice and sprout farts and people kept offering me little cubes of cheese with mould growing on them and I felt really rude declining them because they had a hurt look in their eyes because they’d made it themselves, but it really wasn’t anything personal – I just thought it looked and smelt disgusting.

So anyway, I stood outside for a bit taking photos. This is a photo of some lights.

The cheese shop was very busy. It was a right struggle to get out, I sort of had to barge through because it smelt gross. But obviously not for everyone. If I liked cheese I’m sure I would have loved it there, but I don’t. I like Cheestrings and Babybels because they’re nice and simple and only one colour, although to be fair that probably means they’re loaded with additives and junk but oh well. I don’t think they sold Cheestrings or Babybels there and I didn’t want to ask in case they all got angry and murdered me. Or something.

There was a man and his dog and he was staring longingly over at the cheese. For ages. It was odd.

And this was his dog but because he was a dog he didn’t have the same viewpoint and was stuck looking at people’s feet which must get a bit boring after a while, but they don’t really seem to mind.

Then when they had finally bought all of their cheese and cheese-related items, we had a wander around the rest of the market and there was all sorts of food things and also Christmas trees, because like I said, it was coming up to Christmas. (Sorry, this is in the past). For example, there was also bread but as you can see it wasn’t particularly interesting – it’s just bread. There weren’t even any cakes or anything which would have livened it up a bit in my opinion.

Some shocked fish. They look a bit miserable and I don’t really blame them. It must be rubbish being a fish – you don’t have hands so you can’t play computer games and stuff. Also they are fish so they can’t play computer games anyway, unless they have some secret, hidden underwater world where they can play computer games. That would be cool. Also they are all dead.

And that’s what it looked like one day in Borough Market last Christmas.

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  1. Borough Market is one of my favourite places… love the cheese smells! :p Enjoyed reading this post 🙂

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