maybe final pieces but i dunno yet

If you’re interested I’ve sort of started/finished my final piece(s) and I think maybe, possibly they will look something like this. It’s the photo and then what I asked them and the drawing as well all shoved together in Photoshop.

Initially I was just planning on printing them off a4 sized and sticking them up with blu-tack but everyone else in my class seems to be putting much more time and effort into their final pieces. Into their whole project actually. They’ve even done reflective journals and sketchbooks building up their ideas and I leave it all till last minute so I have no time for such nonsense.

Also this isn’t all of them. I’m going to go to Brighton to do some more and hopefully I’ll get loads done and scrape a pass which would be wonderful.

Also hopefully it won’t rain because if it does i’ll have a sad-on all day and won’t be in the mood to take photos and I won’t be able to get an ice-cream and eat it on the beach because there is a time and a place for eating ice-cream and it definitely isn’t in the rain.

I’m not going to write about every single one because they have writing on them and it would just get tedious.

By the way I copied that stuff from an earlier blog post pretty much because I didn’t know what to write and I didn’t want to make it sound fancy because I’m not.

My parents were like oh, it’s too busy, make the text really small because it looks crowded otherwise but personally I much prefer it crowded. This sort of links in with a conversation I had earlier with my friends at the pub when I explained that it would be really fun living in a house like that man who never threw anything away because he had to crawl through stacks of newspaper and it just looked really fun.

Then they were all like oh, it would be a fire hazard.

Some people are so negative – it would be a lot of fun.

It is my life’s ambition to have a house like that.

And find out how Bernard’s watch worked.


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  1. I really hope you do well with these at your college,

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