g’day mate


So basically I’m going to travel and in particular Australia because mainly that’s where my flight is going and secondly because there’s a lot of koalas and feral cats (so I’ve been told) and thirdly because they speak English there (in Australian accents of course) and there’s actually many reasons.

I suppose my tipping point was just the other day during my four week review at work where my manager said he nearly fired me because I was vague and asked too many irrelevant questions like what would happen if there was no ice in the world? And, would you rather be a human with a fish head or a fish with a human head?

Both excellent questions I’m sure you’ll agree but it made me realise that gutting fish probably wasn’t the ideal job for me anyway and I took it as a sign I should go travelling. Also I asked my Magic-8 Ball and when I asked it if I should go it said “GO FOR IT” and you can’t really ignore the advice of a mass manufactured plastic toy – it makes all my important life decisions for me.

I mean once I couldn’t tell if I’d be able to fit in a parking space and thank God I had it with me because it told me I should “GO FOR IT” back then as well I mean it’s very persuasive because I did go for it, and it’s a good thing I did because that could have affected the rest of my life.

Like how all those mean butterflies cause hurricanes all over the place because they’re maliciously flapping their wings.

I mean if I hadn’t parked there who knows what a state my life could have been in by now.

But obviously going travelling for a year (no but 10 months actually because I’ve already started paying for my Bestival ticket in September next year), with very little money or solid plans will be a good idea.

No money is not a problem because I have decided to lead a simple lifestyle and was tidying my room earlier so I could de-clutter my mind which is what the Buddhists say I think because they tidy their rooms as well when they’re stressed or something.

Because I think thinking too much makes you stressed and sad and these are both two of my least favourite emotions.

And I don’t like feeling stressed so therefore I will not stress and have minimal possessions and turn into a hippie. And if I don’t wash my hair for a week it turns into dreadlocks so I’m pretty much there. I like hippies they’re cool.

So I’m going to do some couch-surfing, (not literally surfing on couches, haha just my little joke) and WWOOFing so I have places to stay and WWOOFing sounds great because meals are included if you work for a few hours on a farm and you don’t get paid but some of them have a pet alpaca or acres of rainforest or offer you surfing lessons it just sounds so cool.

But obviously I will have my laptop and phone and I’ll be uploading nice pictures of Australia and writing more of the stupid thoughts that are swirling around my head like the ghosts of ants or something a similar size.

I’m going next week. I’m so damn excited.

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